21 sep. 2021

Carspotting Santiago | ¡Me topé con el Galaxie!

Beneficios de trabajar en el Centro.
Ford Galaxie 500 XL 1966 - Chile's Presidential State CarFord Galaxie 500 XL 1966 - Chile's Presidential State CarFord Galaxie 500 XL 1966 - Chile's Presidential State CarFord Galaxie 500 XL 1966 - Chile's Presidential State Car

20 sep. 2021

Argentinas | Cinthia Fernández

Recién me entero de que Argentina tuvo una candidata “hot”, y creo que podrían querer conocerla.

Postcrossing Incoming! Cruiser Aurora from Zhenia

Thank you Evgenia!!

British Indian Ocean Territory stamps deemed ILLEGAL by the UPU!

Thanks to this video from Exploring Stamps I learned that British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT) stamps are considered illegal now, since the Universal Postal Union (UPU) announced it will follow the rulings by the International Court of Justice and the United Nations, that decided the separation done by the UK of the Chagos Archipielago from Mauritius, little before Mauritius independence, was illegal.

Of course, since only US and British military personnel inhabits the BIOT, the effect of this measures will be limited at best. More info: British stamps banned from Chagos Islands in Indian Ocean - BBC News.

Coups in Mali, Chad & Guinea: Is democracy at risk in West Africa? | DW

But was there really democracy over there? When, for instance, in Guinea the president had changed the Constitution to rule for a third time (and allowing for a fourth term! en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alpha_Conde).

19 sep. 2021

Is this the end of China's experiment with capitalism? | Al Jazeera

Xi Jinping is destroying any liberalization and little freedom Communist China had. What had made China rise since the late 70's, and any soft power or respect the rest of the World was feeling for their tyrannical regime. At least they were lifting millions from poverty (of course not ending poverty, unlike the ridiculous claims from Beijing).

Now Xi is going full Mao with the personality cult and the brainwashing of children with its lame "Xi Jinping thought", cracking down not only on the Uygurs and Hong Kongese, but also to English learning, private teachers, online gaming and even pop star fandom! 

How sad to see China becoming even more of a cage for its people, after years of looking like it was willing to open to the World... but it was only a charade, to suck as much Western technology and opening foreign markets for its exports as necessary. Now Xi seems to think it was enough, time to reduce ties with the World and just sell them stuff. Too soon, I'd say. But we'll see...

Tomica Unlimited!【トミカプレミアムunlimited 】

Tomica has this teaser on its new models website for November. No more info! Take a look: new product information tomica | to | november 2021 (takaratomy.co.jp).

Did you know there are still diecast models made in France? I didn't

They are scale trucks made by Eligor, and MIninches visited their factory, even seeing how the Zamak bars that become little lorries. Take a look.

Banco de Guatemala | Presentación de billete y moneda conmemorativos en el marco de los 200 años - Billete de 20 quetzales con Mariano Gálvez y moneda de 1 quetzal

Veo que Guatemala se suma a la moda de los billetes verticales. No sé, no me gusta mucho eso, rompe la estética centenaria de los billetes de un país. ¡Pero parece que a la mayoría de las personas les gustan mucho! ¿Qué opinan? Obviamente también me parece raro eso de las monedas pintadas, jaja.

Leo asimismo que es el primer billete conmemorativo de circulación legal que emite Guatemala. 

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