14 jun. 2020

Obscure Chinese cars and 3D designs by C.SONG (@boxy.poly on Instagram)

Ain't these really cool? I'll copy his descriptions: "Tianjin TJ645B (天津牌解放单机), my first time using UV mapping for the body paint".

"Yanjing YJ620 (燕京牌), 9-passenger van manufactured in Beijing, China during 1980s. The front and back end of this van look almost the same".

"Tianjin SanFeng TJ620B (天津三峰), a van manufactured in Tianjin, China 1970s–1990s. The design language looks similar to the first gen Toyota Hiace H10". It’s also what my dad was driving during early 90s.

Tianjin Yanpai TJ133C (天津雁牌“双排座”), 1.5-ton light truck manufactured in Tianjin, China 1978–1995. I always think the cab design was inspired by U10 Toyota Dyna.

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