29 jul. 2018

Postcrossing Incoming! Indonesia, press freedom stamps

Thanks Wahyu! After two months of travel from East Java, his latest postcard is finally here, with some amazing Press Freedom stamps! It is the full set of 2 stamps from 2017.

By the way, according to Reporters Without Borders, Indonesia does poorly on Press Freedom, ranking at 124th place:

"President Joko Widodo has not kept his campaign promises. His presidency continues to be marked by serious media freedom violations, including drastically restricting media access to the Papua and West Papua provinces (the Indonesian half of the island of New Guinea), where violence against local journalists continues to grow. 

Foreign journalists and local fixers are liable to be arrested and prosecuted if they try to document the Indonesian military’s abuses there. But, as the Jakarta-based Alliance for Independent Journalists reports, intimidation and even violence by the military against journalists who cover their abuses are not limited to Western New Guinea. 

Radical religious groups also pose a threat to the right to inform. Many journalists say they censor themselves because of the threat from an anti-blasphemy law and the Law on “Informasi dan Transaksi Elektronik” (Electronic and Information Transactions Law)".

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