18 jul. 2018

My first "Made in Indonesia" diecast model!

Thanks to somebody that stole or switched a regular Hot Wheels with a 5 pack model, I got to buy my first Hot Wheels that was made in Indonesia. An unrealistic police version of the Mitsubishi Eclipse Concept Car that actually doesn't look bad.

All current 5-packs seem to be made in Indonesia now, while most other Hot Wheels keep coming from Malaysia, and some more expensive Hot Wheels are made in Thailand.

I love getting a new origin for my collection. If I recall correcly, nowadays Matchbox and Majorette are made in Thailand; Maisto and Welly in China; Hot Wheels, as mentioned, mostly in Malaysia (but also in Thailand and Indonesia) Tomica in Vietnam; some Ixo/Sonic/PCT models for newsstand collections in Bangladesh and Siku... ¡in Poland! Also, Guisval are still made in Spain, as always.

Seems like Chinese labour costs have already crowded out most diecast toy production from well known brands.

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