21 jul. 2018

NEW MODELS! LIVE Matchbox 2019 Preview

First, the presentation started with a marketing "Promise": Vehicles ready to discover real world adventures.

A clip then presented this marketing vision, with kids playing with Matchbox vehicles in realistic settings. Just like old school Matchbox! That included shots of new realistic playsets with playmats, very retro.

Photo of the Matchbox 2019 prototypes on the right by Chuck Wiersma (follow him on Instagram, here. Detailed photos of these prototypes further below.

Matchbox products are divided in: 

Core die-cast: The regular line of small scale models ("the dollar models") and multipacks.
* Maximize variety
* Optimize licensed vehicle selection: 65% ("actually I think closer to 70%", was said), which is supposedly up from last year.
* Drive collectability with 5 themes.
New 5-Packs came out every month.

Feature die-cast: Premium models.
Regular working rigs (US$ 4,99) for late 2019-2020, collector items, US$ 1,99 models.
* Drive story telling with cool features.
* Maximize realism.

US$ 1.99 - Moving parts: Shown were Tesla Model X, VW Fastback. Nissan X-Terra, GMC Pickup (?).
Color changing models: US$ 2,99.

Playsets and accesories.

REALISM - TOP THEMES - DIECAST QUALITY are the concepts that define the new cardboard art. It is indeed wonderful.

Replaced 2018 models: Bad news for the Diamond T pickup and MGB. Replaced now with an Austin Healey and a Ford Ranchero. Are they former HW castings?


Photo below via The Lamley Group.
Ford Mustang Convertible 2018.
International Fire Truck.
MINI Countryman 2011?
Nissan Titan Warrior 2016.
Chevrolet Caprice Classic 1975 (reminds me of the Motor Max).
Dodge D100 Pickup 1968 (raised "4x4 look").
Subaru SVX 1994-1995.
Dodge 1959 Coronet Police.
Nissan NV van pasajeros 2014.
Ford Explorer Police Interceptor 2016 (they try to make the new one).
Polaris Slingshot.
Mercedes-Benz W123 1980 Station.
BMW 2002 1969.
RAM 2500 Utility flatbed.
Land Rover 109 Series II 1965 Safari. It will have roof piece like the old one.
Ford 1935 Hot Rod camioneta.
Dodge Charger 2018.
Subaru Sambar 2012.
Jeep Wrangler JL 2018.

Porsche 911 1985 Safari.
Ford F-150 Animal Control Truck 2010.

Only three new generics: "Poop king", MBX Backhoe, MBX Armored Truck, Mini City Sweeper

5 Packs
9 Pack exclusives

Special Sets

Ford Trucks (2019).

Jeep (NEW TOOL: Jeepster!).

Basics plus
VW Fastback.
Nissan Xterra.
Willys Wagon.
Pontiac Grand Prix.
Chevrolet Camaro.
Ford Crown Victoria 2006.
Tesla Model X.
Chevy Pickup 1963.

New models:
GM Alternator Truck.
Scania Tactical Command Center.
Backhoe loader.
Street cleaner truck.

Superfast 50th Anniversary (with opening parts)
Mercedes-Benz 220SE.
Range Rover 2018.
BMW i8.
VW Microbus 23 window.
Honda S-2000.
Corvette Stingray 2016.
Dodge Challenger.
Ford Pickup 1932.
Blue Shark.
Chevy Camaro 2012.
VW Type 3 Fastback.
Porsche 911 Turbo 1980's (retro tool).

There will also be Target Exclusives in gold.


New models.

Update: Chuck Wiersma showed more models that are coming soon in what's left of 2018. The Austin Healey looks great! I can finally stop thinking about customizing my Hot Wheels. The Ranchero is really pretty too, although I don't like that grey interior/front combo. The Dodge Viper in red is awesome too, as are the new colours for those Mercedes-Benz.

Chuck Wierma's gallery

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