7 jul. 2018

Lamley Preview | Matchbox 2018 NASA SEV & more upcoming MBX Trucks

I LOVE THE NASA VEHICLE AND THE ELECTRIC TRUCK! I wish more trucks had the old school, simple Matchbox logo deco instead of their more creative liveries.

The Willys pickup and Nissan Xterra look awesome too, so clean and simple, love them. The 4x4 Jeep is a bad casting, but the vintage factor wins over me. I think it started as a Kenner or Universal model.

The generic Troop Carrier seems like a great casting but... blue? Military green was it! And the Greyhound looks terrible in that colour combination. It will never look right, probably, since the bottom half is made of plastic.

2 comentarios:

  1. Hola Compañero, verdaderas joyas que me retrotraen a mi mas tierna infancia, y no tanto tambien.
    Un placer saludarte y ya te he incluido en mi apartado de blogs amigos que no te tenia...
    Un saludo!

    1. Gracias por el comentario, igualmente para mi un placer, te incluí en los blogs que aparecen en la columna derecha. ¡Saludos!


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