24 jun. 2018

Matchbox 2018 - Plymouth 1933, Land Rover 65th Anniversary, Honda Civic 2017, Ford Expedition

My latests finds in Santiago, Chile!

Mis más recientes Matchbox en Santiago, Chile. Específicamente en el Líder de Quilín a $1.190 cada uno.

Plymouth '33. It has Police car tampos, and looks great. But the casting itself doesn't have police-specific modifications, so we could see it as a civilian vehicle, which I'd love.

Land Rover. Redone old casting. Always a winner, it has a 65th Anniversary tampo on the back
Honda Civic 2017. Awesome car and choice for a Matchbox, but it looks odd.
Ford Expedition. Another old casting, redone. So it gets a 2017 copyright date on the baseplate.

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