6 may. 2018

Automotive News podcast discusses Ford NA's axing of passenger cars

First of all, good to know Automotive News has a podcast. But their discussion of why Ford shouldn't stop selling passenger cars in the US convinces me more that Ford is right. 

This is not like the 90's and 00's, when Ford's focus on SUV let them unprepared for spiking gas prices. Current SUV and crossovers are regular passenger cars in disguise. They are already fuel efficient and they could rather easily eventually made back into lighter cars.

Also, Ford's worldwide portfolio is now made with the One Ford strategy in mind. If sedans became suddenly popular, they could just bring the Mondeo back from Europe and more Focus from China.

And maybe, probably, Ford will develop a wider range of crossovers that might be a little car-like or appeal to the shrinking segments of the buying public that don't want a crossover or SUV.

"It's only about profits" they say. Duh, that is what car companies are for! But I agree in a deeper problem, which harms US companies. The short-time perspective force by Wall Street investors. That might be an undefeatable advantage of the Japanese and Chinese.

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