15 abr. 2018

JURASSIC PARK MATCHBOX! Ford Explorer, Jeep Wrangler, Mercedes ML and more!

New Jurassic Park series from Matchbox! The previous one were crappy generic castings with movie-alusive decos. This one is great, it has mostly real cars from the movies. It is officially called "Jurassic World Legacy Collection". It comes out tomorrow in the USA.

I hope Walmart in Chile eventually gets some, although this particular set seems to be exclusive to Target in the US.

Full video preview below. Must watch! Via The Lamley Blog.

The Ford Explorer above is one of the real castings, and also brand new. As are the Mercedes-Benz ML (from the second movie) and a Fleetwood Southwind (no idea, I think from Jurassic World?). The Jeep looks like being a modification of the Wrangler casting by Matchbox, changed into a YJ generation model.

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