7 oct. 2017

Majorette's Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen also coming out as a Brabus!

I had no idea, but Majorette is making their G-Wagen both a Mercedes and a Brabus. Great idea from them. It might have been demanded for making their Dubai Police G-Wagen more realistic...

No tenía idea, pero Majorette también produce su G-Wagen con el logo de Brabus, además de la estrella de Mercedes-Benz. Gran idea de su parte, me pregunto si habrá sido una exigencia para representar a G-Wagen patrulla de Dubai de forma más realista.

I imagine the only change is the tampo on front, and that is enough for me. I think this is probably the only small scale Brabus, is it? And no, I don't think I'd call the brand of this vehicle Brabus, as it is clearly still a Mercedes-Benz. But the variation with Brabus badge is surely worth collecting.

The first picture comes from, and the one below with both tristar and B badged Gelanderwagen are from a Russian toystore website. Even more strangely, the white Brabus model is shown as sold in a blistercard proclaiming it to be an "Indonesia exclusive". What? Why?

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