8 oct. 2017

80's Chinese cartoon "Black Cat Detective"

I just learnt of this old cartoon from China called "Black Cat Detective" (黑猫警长), broadcast from 1984 to 1987. I also see it referred online to as Mr. Black or Inspector Black Cat.

According to Wikipedia, it was criticized for not being educational, just entertainment (I say who cares, not all children TV has to teach something) and unnecessarily violent and gory.

That last bit is true, as you can see but just seeing the first 20 seconds of this clip below. Or go to Asia Obscura that has some of the bloody screenshots.

Here is more, in case you liked Black Cat Detective. Honestly, I like the animation style and specially the character design. The cats are so cute... but dangerous!

Chinese animation has yet to cross-over to the Western World. At least I'm not aware of any Chinese cartoon that can be seen on TV in Chile at least. Wasting away more of my time on Wikipedia I found there are many animated series being produced and broadcast in China, some exported to countries like India. So they will eventually come to our screens.

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