19 ago. 2017

The VW emissions scandal - Past, present and future | DW Documentary

El escándalo de emisiones de VW - Pasado, presente y futuro |
Documental de la Deutsche Welle (en inglés)

German international television on the VW emissions scandal.

If I was an owner, I wouldn't care one bit about its emissions. I'm a bad guy. And also, when the cars are corrected to meet proper emissions, they won't perform as well as before, they won't be as sporty. The owners on this video don't even care about that, and I think that is either a huge overlook from the documentary makers, or a anti-car, pro-environment bias that should at least be recognized by them at the start. 

I mean, the whole point of the defeat device was to (falsely) offer both low emissions and good performance...

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