2 jun. 2017

Another new Chinese brand: SWM

A great spotting from Navigator84 in China.
SWM X7 China 2017-03-22

I'll leave you with the original description by the uploader on Flickr: Another new brand launched on Chinese car market last year : SWM.

"SWM is an Italian motorcycles producer born in 1971 but was liquidated in 1984.
In 2014, the brand was purchased by Shineray Group, a big motorcycle company based in Chongqing, and new motorcycles are now produced in Italy.

In China, Shineray produces a range of small minivans and have a JV with Jinbei to produce another minivans range sold under Jinbei brand. The JV decided to produce cars in China under SWM brand.

Its first vehicle is this X7, a SUVized minivan, a new trend in China. It was launched in September 2016. Powered by two gas engines : 1.8 137hp and 1.5 Turbo 156hp.

Sold for 85.900 to 106.900 RMB (about €11.200-13.900 or US $12.500-15.600). 45.000 SWM X7 were sold in 8 months".

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