1 feb. 2017

NEW Majorette 2017 Catalog

Mininches on Facebook posts this part of the 2017 catalog in which we can see many new Majorette models for this year. Continue for more info!

Full catalog in pdf, here: flippingpages.de
Most interest will be surely generated towards the Vintage models, which I personally couldn't care much about. They went to the most obvious choices, a ca. '67-'68 Ford Mustang, a Porsche 911 934, VW Beetle and Kombi, and the one I found interesting, a Renault Alpine A110.
They look well made but the wheels shown are ugly and seem oversized, hopefully the definitive models wear some nicer units (UPDATE: Both VW are announced as "prototypes". Phew!)

On the other side, we see new models from the basic series in addition to those already known to come for the Premium side (more info on those, here).

These cheaper models ('Street Cars') are the new Ford GT, a Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster, a new Audi R8 (I thought it was the already existing casting, but it is the latest redesign), a Mercedes SLS, a Volkswagen Transporter T6 and a Toyota Corolla Altis.

All they look nice, but I'm most excited about the Corolla.

This particular Corolla denomination seems to indicate the car for most Southeast Asian markets, probably chosen as a way to sell a model of interest for their Thai or Indonesian customers, while also having a worldwide appeal.

There are some interesting news on the sets and packs too, with a new Lamborghini series which includes very attractive variations.

Also shown are previously seen cars like the Gran Turismo series (more info here).

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