13 feb. 2017

Earls Court 1973 Motorshow

Another old British car show. This time the 1973 Motor Show in Earls Court, London. Pretty girls, and new cars.

I love it when Japanese brands displayed their cars alongside women typically dressed in kimonos. Shows such pride, from a country that wasn't yet established as a quality car origin. I don't see the Chinese doing the same nowadays... From the Datsun you get to the Lamborghini and the Ferrari Boxer.

The home team was worried by the rising tide of imports. Some of the British models shown were an improved Hillman Hunter and the Minissima concept from Leyland, apart from the ranges of Triumph, Rover and MG. One of the imports presented is the Moskvitch. Named alongside the Datsun as the prime menaces... how different those two brands would fare!

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