23 ene. 2017

Samsung Concept Cars!

I had no idea Samsung had presented concept cars years before even starting making their version of the Nissan Maxima as the Samsung SQ5 (brochure here). This first picture is from the time of the SQ5 though, the Samsung SSC-1 Concept, presented on the Seoul Motor Show in 1997.
Via wheelsage.org.

These pictures must be from a later show, as the car is not only other colour but has Renault Samsung plates.
Via http://oldcar-korea.tistory.com/32

And here are the electric cars, presented before Samsung Motors existed. They were products from Samsung Heavy Industries, which was making trucks (Nissan Diesel models) since 1993. In 1996 this truck and machinery business was separated as Samsung Commercial Vehicles.

Samsung SEV-III, 1994.
Samsung SEV-IV.

I have this one as SEV-IV too... from 1997.

Samsung SVC-1, 1992 (source and more info). I wish Samsung had started with these before, so one of them had used the old tri-star logo.

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