6 ene. 2017

May Cheong Group (Maisto and Bburago) Corporate Video

Is not that common we get to see corporate videos from toycar manufacturers. So here is one from the May Cheong group, the company that created Maisto, and bought Bburago some years ago. They also used to make toycars as MC Toy long long ago.

The video shows the offices of May Cheong, and the factory of Maisto and Bburago in China. The latter confirms how both come out from the same plant.

From Maisto's website.
I'm a fan of Maisto. They make nicely done affordable models. The only sad part is how they've decided to delete the interiors of their small scale models years ago, which to my eye makes them no competition to Matchbox, Hot Wheels and Majorette (and the price difference isn't even that much in Chile). How about making a nicer line of small models to compete directly with those?

But I LOVE how they have managed Bburago. Of course the Italian manufacturing was lost, but their models keep the Bburago style, and quality has actually improved (tampos instead of those super outdated stickers, for instance). May Cheong, unlike others companies, bought a brand for what it is, and didn't ruin it trying to build it into something else. I mean, even some former Maisto castings are now sold as Bburago because they fit that brand better. That is good management!

More screen captures below.
There is no explanation of this seemingly real size replica of some Chinese space rover though!

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