21 ene. 2017

Korean trucks can also be used for war!

Toyotas have well known for their use as "technicals" by informal armies, being so famous as to get the Toyota War named after them. During the Libyan uprising against Gaddafi, ZX pickups from China found the spotlight, and the brand itself even used pictures from the truck used by rebels as propaganda during a car show.

And even a Ford F-150 from Texas was spotted in use by ISIS in Syria, being bought second hand without anyone even bothering to remove the phone of the contractor that used to own the pickup truck, which ended up with him receiving death threats.
But there was a very important truck nationality missing... Korea! So I was happy to find this article from The Korean Times, with pictures of different Kia and Hyundai technicals used by ISIS and other rebellious/terroristic organizations (I think the one with the flag is Hezbollah). Enjoy.

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