2 nov. 2016

Toyota Zace and Kijang

Toyota Zace Pick-up

Here is another car model name I was unaware of. This is the Zace, the name Toyota gave in Taiwan, to its Kijang pickup truck. The Toyota Kijang is a very popular vehicle developed for different Southeast Asian countries, and built in a few of them with different names.

Some newer Zace.
toyota zace
Toyota Zace Pickup 2
Toyota Zace Pickup 3
I didn't find a current Zace on the Taiwanese Toyota website. There is an Innova, though.  So I imagine the Zace Taiwanese-specific name is long gone. Talking about names....
As I pointed out above, Kijang is the most common name for these vehicles, and it is the name it originally had in Indonesia. The model has had many generations, and it still on sale, in a more civilized guise, and called Kijang Innova.
Some of the many names the Kijang has been known with around the world are:

Toyota Condor (Africa)
Toyota Qualis (India)
Toyota Revo (Philippines)
Toyota Stallion (Africa)
Toyota Tamaraw (Philippines)
Toyota Unser (Malaysia/Singapore)
Toyota Venture (Africa)
Toyota Zace (Taiwan/Vietnam)

And so from here on I'll show you pictures of the Indonesian Toyota Kijang. As it often happens, looking the Zace up led me to a "rabbit hole" of Kijang photos. So let's start, first with a couple Kijang ads from its early days.
Toyota Kijang
Above is the second generation, and below is the first. The bonnet is the key difference.
Toyota Kijang
This is its Philippine version, the Tamaraw.
Toyota Tamaraw
Some more Kijang photos.
Toyota Kijang 1st Generation  #giias2015 #gaikindo #icebsd #exhibition #toyota #kijang #autoshow2015 #otomotif #gaikindoindonesiainternationalautoshow2015
I read here it was nicknamed "Buaya", "crocodile", for the shape of its bonnet. Photo: Abraham Arthemius.
Toyota Kijang "Buaya"
Toyota Kijang
Toyota Kijang Race
Here you can see a commercial from Toyota in Indonesia, which highlights the identity of the Kijang as a historical, national car. Further adverts below.

Toyota Kijang, Indonesia 1986.

Toyota Kijang, Indonesia 1992.

Finally, the Nasmoco dealer network in Indonesia has many old Kijang photos, which you can see below.
Soeharto at the wheel?
Toyota Kijang Doyok Pick Up
Toyota Kijang Super Lion.
Toyota Kijang Taruna.
Toyota Kijang Super Spirit.
Toyota Kijang Patria.
Toyota Kijang Super.
Toyota Kijang Rover.

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