2 nov. 2016

Postcrossing Incoming! Luhansk People's Republic, Ukrainian separatist region!

Stamps from the Self-proclaimed Luhansk People's Republic
LPR's flag. You can see its colours
on the stamps as well.
An impressive incoming today, for a lover of history and current event, such as I am! Thanks to Natalia for this postcard with rebel Luhansk People's Republic (LPR) stamps, which she sent inside an envelope with regular Ukrainian stamps (that are also beautiful), in order for it to be possible to be mailed abroad.

One of the stamps is dedicated to the "Humanitarian Convoy" in which Russia sent the separatist republics supplies, and seemingly, also weapons. The truck is a Kamaz.
Here is a bigger image of the LPR Mail logo, the cute dove carrying a letter. The picture is taken from Wikipedia in Russian's article on Lugansk Mail. And of the LPR's Ministry of Communications website (mslnr.su) I also find a picture that shows one of their mail trucks..

The same Wikipedia article claims LPR stamps are all self-adhesive, and that the only deliver mail within the separatist republic and its fellow rebel entity, the Donetsk People Republic. And this website has more information on LPR stamps: Here the one with the dove, and here that one with the trucks.
Back to my incoming, this is the postcard the stamps are on, with the coats of arms of Ukraine's regions.
And she also included this beautiful card from Ivano-Frankivsk region (the one with the black bird above, right). You can see a previous incoming I received from that area, here.

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