4 nov. 2016

PANIC! Trumps surges... Hillary must win!

The United States is insane! After all the scandal, and the most hideous personality traits of Donald Trump have been widely reported and can be seen every time he tweets or opens his mouth. After Donald Trump has been revealed as a scam artist, a racist, a sexist, a guy that boasts about kissing and touching women without consent. A man that wants to torture "even if it doesn't work", and wants to kill the families of terrorists (despite not being terrorists themselves).

After all that and more Donald Trump is leading or tied with Clinton in polls for key states in the US Presidential Election, 4 days before it takes place! This loser, that has gone bankrupt 6 times, that has lost billions of dollars despite starting as a millionaire thanks to his father, who also had to rescue his businesses at least a couple times. And that uses his so-called "charity" only for his own benefit, expending other people's money.

This child of a man that complains and gives excuses when he believes he is going to lose the election, even before the voting is done. This whiny asshole that has always gone against freedom of speech with the help of his lawyers. This pathological liar can be chosen by the American people to be the most powerful man on Earth for at least 4 years. Unbelievable. 

Seth Meyer puts the choice that confronts the US people on November 8th, at the 6:15 minute point on this latest "Closer Look" segment (which I recommend you see complete if you have the time).

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