1 nov. 2016

Hot Wheels 2017 | Upcoming MAZDA!

Two Mazda models are in Hot Wheels' future. First, here is a prototype sample of their new Mazda RX-7 replica. As the other Mazda prototype here, these are 3D printed samples, not metal yet.
This generation RX-7 (the last one so far) wasn't done by Hot Wheels back in the day. They issued a very close generic, which even referred to the car on its made-up name ("24/Seven").
Here you can see that generic RX-7 like model. 

And below a real Mazda from Flickr. I'd like to know better why Hot Wheels didn't get the propper RX-7 license for this casting back then, I wonder if there was any kind of drama between Mattel and Toyo Kogyo.
Mazda RX-7
While I'm happy this RX-7 is finally going to be properly done by Hot Wheels, there are already good replicas by the likes of Matchbox and Motor Max, so it wasn't really as needed as the other upcoming Mazda the blue brand is preparing...

(As a reminder, here is the Matchbox, done in a fun scheme of black and orange, and with suspensions!)
This Matchbox Mazda is from the 1998 US lineup.
Back to the prototype Hot Wheels pictures.
YES! This is a Mazda REPU, Rotary Engine Pick Up, such a piece of early Mazda history, and a memento from a world before the 1973 Oil Crisis, that relegated the rotary engine to niche products, mostly only from Mazda. 
Before the OPEC embargo and the capital importance fuel economy gained because of it, the relatively thirsty rotaries were seen as the engines of the future. Mazda had a whole lineup of Wankel engined vehicles, NSU was preparing an smaller companion to its flagship Ro80, and GM was pushing hard for the development of rotary vehicles, even hinting at a rotary Corvette. So committed GM seemed, that AMC even went on to develop its Pacer around the promised GM Wankel, only to having to end up shoehorning their old inline six on the car after GM cancelled their rotary project.
In that context the REPU was launched on to the market. The Hot Wheels rendition looks amazing! I love it. And I love it even more aside the Datsun pickup they also did a couple years ago. Via Japanese Nostalgic Car.
It will hopefully had ROTARY POWER on a tampo in the back. And also, I wish it was still time to have MAZDA in raised letters on the back, molded as part of the casting.
2 inch drop front and back. coilovers installed. new 225/60/14

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