16 nov. 2016

Chevrolet Monte Carlo 1980 | GM Sales Training Video

I love reading about the self-inflicted disaster that was the long death of General Motors. I'm getting convinced that if one was to set a single "key" year of the start of GM's terminal decline, it was 1979, with the presentation of the 1980 Citation, "the first Chevy of the 80's".

But of course, not all cars from GM were as terrible as the Citation. Before that, GM was in somewhat of a roll with the early successes of their radical downsizing, with great cars like the Caprice, the Malibu and this Monte Carlo. I really like the square looks of this generation of the car, and below you can see a video from 1979, used for training dealers as to how to sale the Monte Carlo to potential customers.

Even better, the second half of the clip is about the Malibu. 

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