16 nov. 2016

Alfa Romeo 146 and 148 projects: The 4x4 Alfas that never were

Some 30 years after the Matta, Alfa Romeo looked into building another 4x4, this time a smallish SUV that could target both the civilian and military markets.

There were 2 models studied, at least, the AR 146 and the AR 148. I think both had mechanicals derived from the Alfa Romeo 33.

Regardless of how interesting this idea might seem, it all ended when Fiat took over Alfa, in 1986. Via quandoilbiscionemordeva.

The AR 148, which reminds me of the Matra Rancho and was nicknamed "Magnaghina".

And its military version.
This is the 146, called “Magnanone".
There was even talks about building it with Nissan, after the Arna was phased out. These pictures show what looks like an Alfa-nized Nissan Patrol.
Finally, I also found this picture, as a new Matta project from I.DE.A., but I don't know where in this history this prototype fits in.

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