13 oct. 2016

VIDEOS | Centro Storico Fiat

The Fiat Historical Centre has uploaded many, many videos to its YouTube channel. They have commercials and promotional films from all the ages, and countries. Here is a sample, to entice you to visit them.

Poland is also featured, here with the old Polski Fiat 508.

As you probably already know, I'm partial to the 80's.

I finally understood that "Ypsilon 10" was always how the name of the Y10 was pronounced in Italian. It was not a big leap to call the current generation just Ypsilon, then. We can also see here the progressive phasing out of the Autobianchi brand. First we hear an explanation, "Autobianchi is a Lancia brand", and then both brands are shown together as being equally important in the car.

Mid-80's computer graphics, yeah! Lancia Thema 1984.

Commercial vehicles!

I think it interesting to see the OM version of the Iveco Daily advertised alongside that main version.

Here is a video on the development of the Grinta and Daily, the latter here called Fiat and not Iveco. I guess in 1978 the Iveco name hadn't replaced Fiat for these vehicles yet. 

Even tractor lovers can enjoy...

"The trains of the highway".

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