11 oct. 2016

The Chevrolet Iran

I decided to include "The" in the title because this post refers to an specific car, called Chevrolet Iran. It was an Opel Rekord built in Iran, and I hadn't seen many pictures of it until today. Here are some.
These were built by Sherkat-Sahami, a company that starting assembling AMC and Jeep vehicles in Iran, before signing a deal with GM in 1972, which resulted in these locally-made Opel models, sold as Chevrolet. The base model was called Iran, while more luxurious models were called Royale, the same name they received when made in Korea by Sahean. The Islamist Revolution shattered any ties with General Motors, the company being called Pars Khodro today, still producing cars.

By the way, the Opel Rekord was also made and sold as a Chevrolet, in South Africa. Let's hope some day soon Chevys can return to Iran.
This has to be a South African Chevrolet, because of the steering wheel placement.
Via carnutter.tumblr.com.

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