14 oct. 2016

New '17 Hot Wheels from HW Convention in LA

Novedades de Hot Wheels 2017, desde la Convención HW en Los Ángeles

There recently was a Hot Wheels convention in Los Angeles. Some important news were reveales there. Thankfully, John from The Lamley Group recorded the video below, with the whole official presentation.

Meanwhile, you can also see pictures of the individual slides, which come from alandzone on Instagram.

Hace poco hubo una convención de Hot Wheels en Los Ángeles. Hubo algunas importantes revelaciones allí, y por suerte John de The Lamley Group grabó el video que pueden ver más abajo, con la presentación oficial. Mientras que las fotos individuales que también pueden ver más abajo, vienen de 
alandzone en Instagram.

Via The Lamley Group.

The most interesting for me is the new Tesla Model X on the right! (Although I wonder if it wouldn't have made a more appropiate Matchbox?). You can see other great additions further below.

El más interesante para mí es el nuevo Tesla Model X, que ven a la derecha (aunque me pregunto si no hubiera sido un mejor Matchbox...) Pueden ver otras novedades geniales tras el salto,

The "Roller Toaster" is cute! And it was literally called a "Rol-a-matic", like the old Matchbox that had working features 
I can't believe they did another WC car... "The modern day Hot Seat" indeed. I find those really distasteful. 
Hopefully, we can always count on having more new casting of the world's prefered brands. So you can be sure there will be classic Porsche, Corvette and VW in the mix. The Transporter Pickup looks way too modified for my taste, but it will probably end up being charming in real lif
Finally for the notable basic line sneaks, another of those Lego-compatible models, which I'm sure some kids will love. A shopping cart!
Sadly only premium lines, we will see a Fiat 500D Abarth casting, and the return of Mercedes, with the Mercedes-Benz 190E Cosworth Evo!

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