8 oct. 2016

Is Donald Trump done for?

Unlikely. But Donald Trump has been losing some big endorsements after his "Grab them by the pussy" video. I don't know if these leaked comments are that bad by themselves, if the backlash is a show of how prude Americans are, or if this is just the straw that broke the camel's back.

I think Trump has said much worse things before, dangerous, ignorant and racist things that would be more relevant in case he was president. I even think that homophobic, religiously-fanatic Mike Pence, that part of the US media have been praising after the VP debate, is worse than Trump. But so much about this election seems to be based on style instead of substance, that I don't really know what to expect...

Although you know it is hurting Trump, since he apologized for what he says in the video. Something Trump almost never does!

John McCain withdraws support for Donald Trump over sex boast tape https://t.co/SlkLbA6FYu
— The Guardian (@guardian) October 8, 2016

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