2 sep. 2016

YouTube censorship through demonetization

I can't believe YouTube is pulling ads from videos that they consider being "not advertiser friendly", which by their idiotic new guidelines, is anything that can be considered "controversial" by YouTube. And that involves almost anything! Even discussing "controversial" subjects can be deserving of "demonetization"...

Come on! This will kill anything of interest on YouTube. The company is killing the Golden Goose. Another company killing its business model to become a boring, lame, "family friendly" product.

This move by the subsidiary of Google will also kill any independent news sources that need advertising revenue to survive, and are currently vital providing videos that you just don't see on TV.

What is most unbelievable to me, is that even my tiny tiny YouTube channel has been affected! The following videos YouTube consider are in violation to the new terms of service. There is nothing actually deserving censorship in here!

Carabineros suppress a protest in Providencia (2016).

The aftermath of the terrorist attack in Las Condes (2014).

A protest of leftists against the launch of a book in Providencia (2011).

There are reports of real things that happened. There is nothing gore or something horrendous like that. They've been online for years, without complaints. 

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