4 sep. 2016

Postcrossing Incoming! Nizhny Tagil (Sverdlovsk Region)

Two beautiful watercolours displaying attractions from Nizhny Tagil, the native town of my friend Nastya. First, the Museum-Reserve "Metallurgical Ural", and its Monument to the first Cherepanov's Locomotive. The place is also the largest copper and metallurgical factory-turned-museum in Russia.
And the other postcard displays the Square of Tank Builders, with a T-72 tank! The city holds an very important defense industry, founded by the patriarch of the Demidov family. Today, the Uralvagonzavod factory builds the modern T-90 tank.
A photograph of the place, from Wikipedia (link).
Of course, wonderful stamps were included. Nastya always adds stamps that are new to me, and I'm super thankful for that! See them all below.
Kazan Arena for Russia 2018! Before that, the venue will host matches for
the 2017 Confederations Cup, for which Chile is already qualified as Copa
América champions.

Edit: Soviet stamp issued in 1978, remembering Cherepanov's Locomotive! Thanks Nastya.

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  1. Cherepanovs came from serfs assigned to Vyisky plant of Demidov (n Nizhny Tagil). They have greatly improved mechanisms used in metallurgy, mining gold, iron and copper, as well as sawmills and flour mills. But the most interesting aspect of the work Cherepanovs are steam engines, they tried hard to implement in industrial production. Beginning in 1820, Cherepanov built about 20 steam engines with capacity from 2 to 60 hp In 1825, Yefim Cherepanov was sent to Sweden to "show cars" and his son - Miron in 1833 went to England, where they studied the device railways. On their return, in the years 1833-1834, they created the first Russian steam engine and then in 1835 - a second, more powerful. They also built the iron rail of one of its factories in the copper mine. During the construction of the railway length of 854 m Cherpeanovs received a manumission. Despite the successful implementation of the technical part of the project, Cherepanovs' locomotives found no support outside the plant, and were later replaced by a horse traction. This was due to the fact that the maintenance of locomotives (as in England) is more expensive that horses, and steam locomotives were profitable only when using their full capacity - for large compositions.
    In 1978 in USSR was released a stamp - in honor of Cherepanovs.

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  3. For 10 years held international exhibition of arms under the patronage of Uralvagonzavod, named "Russia Arms Expo".

    Announced the date of the next International Exhibition RAE Arms in Nizhny Tagil: it will be held from 6 to 9 September 2017.
    At present, the corporation is negotiating with countries that are planning to present their military products in Nizhny Tagil in the range NTIMT. Already expressed their desire to participate in the exhibition, Israel, Italy, Spain, United Arab Emirates and Korea...

    As part of RAE-2017 will be held the night demonstration of military equipment, and officials become members of the golf tournament. By the way, in Russia there are only three golf courses, meet international standards. And one of them is located near Yekaterinburg.

    1. Thanks for all your informative comments, Nastya :D What a coincidence that this weapons exhibition is starting right now! Funny that one of the only three golf courses of international standards is in the area, useful for having all those important foreign visitors entertained, I guess.




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