5 sep. 2016

Postcrossing Incoming! France & Germany, Marianne a la Disney

A couple more new incoming postcards from France and Germany.
This new French stamp looks great, thanks Emilie! I love the new illustration of Marianne on the stamp. She looks very beautiful, and slightly, Disney-esque or something like that. Very modern, in any case... I looked it up, and the illustration has sparked controversy!

Part of it because authors (Ciappa & Kawena) have argued about who really deserves more credit for the image. Kawena actually sued Ciappa, accussing him of taking all the credit, even signing with his name drawings that Kawena says are his.
And yes, Kawena's official Facebook shows he LOVES Disney characters, drawing many of them and posting the beautiful illustrations. And the other dispute because Ciappa claims Inna Shevchenko from Femen inspired this Marianne, something Kawena denies.
Meanwhile, my German incoming is a vintage postcard from Karlsruhe, city I know only for being the birthplace of Karl Benz. There is a few cars on the card too, an Opel Kadett, a Beetle and a VW Transporter.

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