2 sep. 2016

Postcrossing Incoming! Estonia!

I was missing Estonia, from the Baltic trio, in my postcard collection (you can see a Latvian incoming, here). Thanks to Este in the city of Sindi, for solving this problem for me. The postcard itself is very interesting too. I chose it for the pretty girl (oh, to live in that region!), but the card has also made me learn some things about Estonia.

(I also love the stamp, that you can see on the right).

Turns out Setomaa is a region to the south of the country, close to Russia. And she represents a woman from the Seto People, in a traditional attire, with "embroidery from Timmo farm in Härmä village", as the postcard reads. I had never even heard of them! And Setu Region itself has an awesome flag, which you can see below. Looks so cool, although it doesn't fullfil one of the ideals of a flag, of being easy to reproduce.
The Seto people inhabit a remote land that has kept them different from both other Estonians, and Russians, while being influenced by both. For instance, most of them are Orthodox, like Russians are; but their language is related to Estonian and Finnish. The historic centre of their culture is actually in Russia now: Pechory (Petseri in Estonian). According to Wikipedia, the city was part of Estonia after independence in 1918, but 4 years after the Soviet occupation of Estonia (1940, part of the deal between Hitler and Stalin), the area was assigned to the Russian Soviet Republic.
Finally, a little map included on the back of the postcard. Many thanks again, Este!

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