26 sep. 2016

Old Chevrolet trucks in Korea

In the 70's, Shinjin cars in Korea began a relationship with General Motors, changing the brand of most of its vehicles to Chevrolet, or GM. The first basic looking pickup is called a "Saemaul" truck. Interesting!! Via lifelog.blog.naver.com/.
GM Korea Saemaul truck 1974-09-23
Here is the video of one, from a Korean museum.

The other trucks look like Isuzu, certainly the first is one.
Chevrolet truck 8 T 1974-04-15 GM Korea
Chevrolet Korea 6.5 tons 8 tons 1973-05-18

They also remind me of this picture of a Chevrolet badged Isuzu Elf, from a 1977 Saemaul book (more scans here).
Saemaul 1977: Saehan factory, Chevrolet Elf
The same website also shows some advertising under the previous Shinjin brand, of 8 Ton trucks.

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