24 sep. 2016

Chevrolet old history in Korea | 시보레 1700


These are some pictures of one old Korean Chevrolet, the Chevrolet 1700. It was the Holden Torana, built in Korea with a German Opel engine. I think that even the body came from Australia.
Chevrolet 1700 1974-05-03 Look of GM Korea
It was launched in 1972 and lasted only until 1975, failing to sell as many units as expected. This car was the first to have the Chevrolet name for GM products in Korea... and as I understand (again), the last one until it was revived to replace Daewoo some years ago.
Chevrolet Korea 1700 1973-09-17 GM
Chevrolet 1700 - LJ Torana brochure

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