15 ago. 2016

VIDEO | India - Operation Blue Star (1984) Documentary, BBC

India times.
Another video I found today, product of my deep ignorance on India. I had no idea that in 1984, the Indian Army assaulted the Akal Takht, the most sacred site of the Sikh community, in Operation Blue Star.

Decades later, British Sikh presenter Sonia Deol goes to India to tells us the story of why this came to be, and also about the violent aftermath.

I have to state something clearly though: While I find the documentary moving and interesting, I don't like how Deol's trip to India is immersed in the deepening of her own Sikh faith, something I find so sad... She had wrong mostly secular and westernized, but she tells as how she has grown more religious in the last years, and even worst, she puts it as a good thing. As an Atheist that values reason over baseless faith, I find this very discouraging.

I also think that Deol's need for feeling an stronger link to her Sikh origin might come more from guilt and a need of belonging, and to get more strongly attached to a common heritage, than to religion itself. And what seems like a inability of separating the two makes this whole thing even more sad.

Finally, here is another documentary, from the History Channel, focusing more on the facts, the Sikh violence before Operation Blue Star, and the military operation itself.

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