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Postcrossing Incoming! Indonesia postcard trio

Thank you Mia! These three cards from Indonesia are great, and you wrote and got them all stamped even inside an envelope! Perfect.

¡Gracias Mia! Estas tres postales desde Indonesia son geniales, y las escribiste y pusiste las estampillas y su franqueo, a pesar de venir dentro de un sobre. Perfecto.

More details, photos and info below! | ¡Más info, detalles y fotos tras el salto!

I chose the postcards. The first one above is the map of Indonesia showcasing its different provinces. Such a vast country, like a world on its own! I will leave this card in my desk, to see if I can start learning at least some basic Indonesian geography.

This one below shows Jakarta, which is of course the capital of Indonesia. I chose it mostly because you can see many cars. Their vintage make me deduce the photo was taken around 1990. The card says "Jakarta's Jalan Thamrin is the capital's main thoroughfare, lined with hotels, shopping complexes and office blocks".
Phinisi Nusantara, a traditional Indonesian wooden ship. Mia explains: "It sailed 69 days from Jakarta to Canada across the Pacific Ocean, to take part of the Expo 86 in Vancouver". Cool!
I only found this picture of what seems to be the ship in Vancouver.
Oh my, I'd love to go to a World Expo so much!
Now, on to the stamps.
First, this really cool one with KRI Banda Aceh and the insignia of the Indonesian Navy. The Banda Aceh is a Landing Platform dock type ship of the Makassar-class. This is a class of vessel developed by Daesun Shipbuilding in Korea. The first two examples were made in Korea, while the last two, one of them KRI Banda Aceh, were built in Indonesia. Surprisingly for me, I learned that the other countries that have adopted this class of ship are the Philippines and... Perú!
By the way, the KRI acronym that precedes the names of all Indonesian Navy ships mean Kapal Republik Indonesia (Republic of Indonesia Ship)
This one is really cute. It is part of an issue defined online as "PAUDNI – Early Childhood Non-Formal and Informal Education". I also love the vignette on the right. I don't know what series it came with, but it highlights North Kalimantan, a province created in 2012 from what used to be part of East Kalimantan. You can see on the Indonesia map postcard on the top of this post, that it must have been issued before that date, since the province didn't yet exist.
I looked up "sehat cerdas ceria" and according to Google Translate it means "bright, cheerful, healthy". I also found more logos with the slogan, the last one particularly cute.
Finally, the stamp celebrating the 2012 Pekan Olahraga Nasional (PON), "National Sports Week", which took place on Riau Province. At PON, provinces compete against each other with their teams, as do countries at the Olympics. The mascot shown here was called Bujang Serindit, representing the native Blue-crowned hanging parrot (Burung Serindig).
More pictures of Bujang Serindit and the Riau 2012 logo, from the web.

Edit: I forgot! The stamp on the envelope holding all this together though the Pacific Ocean: A joint issue with North Korea (!) depicting former Presidente Sukarno.

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