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VIDEO Olympic Games Opening Ceremonies

I couldn't be less excited for the Rio Olympics. Not because it is about sports... but because it is in Brazil. Not a capital of a exotic and rising country, like Beijing in 2008. Or a place that might be the most awesome in the world, like London in 2012.

Still, I really like world events in which countries meet and where many flags are flown.

I think I still have some ceremonies which I recorded on VHS... Sydney and Beijing? But VHS tapes are not needed anymore (still, don't worry, I will NEVER get rid of mine!), YouTube is full of them. Here are some old opening ceremonies. Starting with 1984 and 1980, and then from 2008 until 1968.

Los Angeles '84. Chile is at 1:20:50. Broadcast complains for the lack of democracy! The mascot for the Games, "Sam the Eagle", had its own anime series! Check that out here.

Moscow 1980. Chile was, obviously, part of the US-led boycott, a response to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Remember Misha's Anime, here.

Beijing 2008. It was so cool that the Games were in China! A rising China, a new China, it was such a symbol. Here you have the Chinese broadcast (CCTV).

Athens 2004. In Greek! The overexpenditure of poor Greece to do this Olympics (a belated hommage to the 100 years of the first modern Olympics in Athens) seems to have been the start of the current economic crisis that gripes the country

Sydney 2000.

Atlanta 1996. These are the first Games I (barely) remember. Olympic Film below.

Barcelona 1992.

Seoul 1988. Some diecast models were produced in Korea with the Olympic logos, see them here: New Clover Toys: Hyundai Stellar.

Doves on fire!

En castellano.

Montreal 1976.

Munich 1972. Chileans can recognize the starting fanfare as the theme used by Canal 13 for its sports programming.

Mexico 1968, official film.

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