16 ago. 2016

Classic Cars in Saint Helena!

There are car lovers everywhere! The link is a website with a gallery of pretty old cars to be found in Saint Helena, the famous British island in the middle of the Atlantic, where Napoleon was exiled to the second time.
I'm just learning that its classic vehicles are somewhat of a local attraction too. Why? The same website gives the answer:


The answer is in two parts:
It costs a lot to import a car to St. Helena. In addition to around £2,000 shipping cost, you also have to pay 35% import duty, so anyone buying a car in the UK for £2,000 will find themselves paying out around £4,700 by the time it’s landed here. Hence you buy an older, cheaper car.

Once you’ve got your car here, you tend to look after it! So cars are maintained and kept running far beyond when they would have been scrapped anywhere else.

The garage mechanics here do a wonderful job keeping these elderly vehicles running. One of the garages even hand-machines spare parts, so if your crank shaft fails and the maker went out of business in 1968, all is not lost!
(Now back to Ripituc speaking) Nice cars! But I think Saint Helena can't be compared to Cuba or even better, Malta!

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