25 ago. 2016

Changan Ben Ben Mini | Benni Mini | CV1 (1:43 promo)

A beautiful rarity I got through another Chilean collector: A plastic, pullback 1:43 promotional model of the Changan Ben Ben Mini (长安 奔 奔 mini -called Changan CV1 in Chile).

Curiously, is yet another Chinese car in plastic on this scale for me, as I have some crude Haima 3 in 1:43, you can see them here).

So as always, I present you here with a gallery of this little model.

Changan CV1 1.0 2015
You can't tell from the pictures, but the model even has the little round shapes on the black pieces between headlamps and badge, molded in the plastic.
Changan CV1 - Costa Brava, Chile

I'm also glad that the little model replicates what I think is the nicest front that this Ben Ben Mini has had.
I simply love it. Its plastic body only makes iselft noticeable when you hold the car. Otherwise it's really hard to tell its not metal, just from the looks of it. 
And the real thing is so cute, anyway! Hard not to like this replica.

Changan CV1 1.0 LX 2013

The Changan badge is given a chromed effect, and it is even painted on the steering wheel, part of a well done (if not spectacular) interior.
Changan CV1 1.0 ST 2013
Changan CV1 1.0 LX 2013

Even the box is pretty.
Finally, here are some more pictures of the real car.
Changan Benni Mini full electric car

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