1 jul. 2016

Siku now made in Poland!

Siku Super models (the classic model range consisting of ca. 1:55, a-little-bigger-than-Matchbox-size cars and other vehicles) have been made in China since the early 90's, when their production left Germany. I think there are some short runs still made in Germany from time to time (no idea how or why), but most of them come from Dongguan. Or came, until recently.
Sieper Dongguan, Siku in China.
At least since September 2015 Siku models have appeared with packaging stating "Made in Poland". I think this is so fun! Poland was never a diecast producing country, and now will originate toycars for such a big company as Siku. By the way, Siku has been making models in Poland for a long time (around 1995), but they were in bigger, more expensive ranges.

I don't know if all Supers will now come from Poland, or both countries will make them, for different markets perhaps. I doubt it, as volume is everything in such cheap products, and it doesn't make sense to split production. Maybe transports costs increased, making Poland more attractive...

Or maybe this is just another example of how China is becoming too expensive to make cheap products! Matchbox long ago changed China for Thailand. And Tomica moved production to Vietnam. Now Siku goes to Poland. Fascinating developments.

Update: Photo from May 2017 by Tyrolese on Swifty's Garage.

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