28 jul. 2016

Postcrossing Incoming! Ukraine | flag!

Thanks Yuriy! AN UKRAINIAN FLAG!!! And also awesome postcards and stamps. Excellent!! More pictures below.

(The flag, before I found a "flagpole" for it).
This is a 2012 issue, called «20 years of affirmation of State flag of Ukraine, State Coat of Arms of Ukraine and State Hymn of Ukraine“, With the national emblem, anthem (here in Wikipedia), and flag. More info on Ukrainian issues: Ukrposhta.com.
Ще не вмерла України і слава, і воля,
Ще нам, браття молодії, усміхнеться доля.
Згинуть наші воріженьки, як роса на сонці.
Запануєм і ми, браття, у своїй сторонці.
Приспів ×2
Душу й тіло ми положим за нашу свободу,
І покажем, що ми, браття, козацького роду!
I love the emblem! It's called Tryzub (Тризуб), "trident", although it is speculated to have originally been intended to represent a falcon (read more on Wikipedia).
My favourite are though, the stamps with Ukrainian Military Vehicles. Very appropriate for an issue done since the Russian invasion! I like them so much, that I but them on my album, so I forgot to take a better picture... The badge is of Ukroboronprom.
The vehicle on the upper stamp is Dozor-B, built by the Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau (ХКБМ, KhKBM). Meanwhile, the tank is an Ukrainian-updated T-84 called Oplot (Т-84У Оплот).
Photo: Zinnsoldat

On the envelope (LOVE THE ANTONOV!).
GAZ Volga and Lunokhod-2 (also, a bike).

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