12 jul. 2016

Pokémon Go

The popularity of Pokémon Go, and how it seems to be appearing on mainstream media everywhere in the world, is something that as a Pokémon fan makes me ecstatic. People, grown ups like me, looking all over town for Pokémon, seeing them as augmented reality in the real world... ¡a dream come true!

At the same time, I don't want to read or watch to much about Pokémon Go on the internet, before experiencing the game myself... something I still can't do, as the game hasn't been launched in Chile yet. But I want to post something here anyway.

And the coverage that The Young Turks did on their show yet is that thing. I think it is super cool and funny to see Cenk trying to understand Pokémon, and I love the inclusion of the wonderful Kim Horcher, defending champion in two Gyms with her two Vaporeon.

Here is the review of the game from Kim on Nerd Alert. I don't want to see it yet!

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