14 jul. 2016

NEW Tomica Limited Vintage 2016 December

Novedades de TLV para finales de año.

LV-N136a,b Lancia Delta Integrale HF 1988 /
ランチア・デルタHF・インテグラーレ (グレー)/(白)
December 2016.
2.400 yen.

It has a different bonnet from the one to be released in September. That was the 16V version, this one was before and it's known as '8V'.
LV-N134a, b Toyota Corolla 1600GT /カローラ1600GT(白)/(銀).
December 2016.
2.200 yen.
So much grey and white... I like the colours on the following couple better. The final Hakosuka variations saw some interesting colours offered, including lavender, which was pretty rare.
LV-163a, b Nissan Skyline 2000GT-X.
LV-163a,b スカイライン 2000GT-X (緑)/(ラベンダー).
December 2016
2.300 yen.
Tomytec mentions that the green was the colour in with the Skyline sedan was shown on commercials. And here it is.

Nissan Gloria from 'Tokusou Saizensen' (特捜最前線) / 特捜最前線05 グロリア(白)
December 2016.
2.500 yen.
More cars from old police TV series: Here is a Nissan Cedric from  'Abunai Deka' ("Dangerous Detectives").
あぶない刑事07 日産セドリック(黒)
December 2016.
3.000 yen.
Also coming is another of those fantastic Silhouette Nissan.
6.300 yen.
Finally, there are also a couple sweet wagons in kit form, and bigger scale, 1/35. 
In this one, you choose to make the Nissan Gloria, or the Cedric.

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