1 jul. 2016

BBC Wales article on Corgi Toys

I liked this article from BBC on the rise and demise of Mettoy, original makers of the Corgi toy brand. The company died in the 80's (just like Lesney, Matchbox' parent company), closing its production line in Wales. The BBC focuses on the Welsh angle of the story, and it is quite interesting for me, someone that doesn't really know that much about Corgi. Here is the link: bbc.com.
Something I didn't know, is that the demise of the company was accelerated by their failed investment on making a computer! The Dragon 32: wikipedia.org/wiki/Dragon_32/64

And also, I learned about what they call the rarest Corgi: 12 examples of a red Rover Sterling (Rover 800), that were produced in Swansea (Wales) right before Mettoy folded. The casting itself appeared later, under Mattel ownership, but not in red.

The picture was published on another BBC article, here: bbc.com (and you can see it above, right).

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