29 jun. 2016

Stupid memes are stupid | Trump edition

People believe anything they see on the internet. Specially if its on meme form. Here is an example I recently found on Flickr.
Too TRUE !!!
From the beginning: Aborted fetuses are not babies, they are not sold for parts, that was a debunked edited video. Immigrants are not "invading" the US, net Mexican migration is actually negative of late. Christians are persecuted... in Iraq and Syria, by ISIS, which nobody is calling to support, so its irrelevant in terms of domestic policy. Obama "refuses to enforce the law"... what is that even supposed to mean? And Obama isn't giving Iran nukes, he's done exactly the opposite, ensure that international observers can prove they don't develop nukes. Trump's "tone" is not the problem. Is that he is a racist and a bigot, that believes that all Mexicans are "rapists and criminals" and that would unfairly and unconstitutionally ban all Muslims.

Of course, I commented the segment above on the image, and it was deleted...

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