7 jun. 2016

Postcrossing Incoming! I LOVE MOSCOW!

Thanks to my longtime Postcrossing partner Anastasiya for this postcard, tongue-in-cheek reference of Moscow's traffic. A great card for me to go carspotting, although to my surprise, very little variety there! Ladas and posh German cars, almost all of them. Great stamps too (you can see them further below).

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  1. Ramon, I look and see that there are basically old models of cars, that are not so often go now, especially in Moscow - it reminds me a picture of the end of 90-s. It seems, this image for postcard was taken is not in present days (especially if judged by yellow bus - I am laughing, because this models I saw in last time many years ago; and by advertising on billboards, which states that the METRO will soon open in Moscow, but this shopping center was opened in 2000.)


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