28 jun. 2016

Old Daewoo Labo/Damas, still a Chevrolet?

You can get a brand new Korean Chevrolet keivan in the Caribbean! At least according to this Caribbean Chevrolet (Turks and Caicos) site tc.chevroletcaribbean.com/commercial-vehicles/cmv.
Although the page speaks of the new for 2013 Chevrolet CMV, maybe it's been discontinued since? As far as I know, GM Korea still makes the Labo and Damas, seemingly without a brand name (not Daewoo, not Chevrolet) for the Korean market, so why wouldn't they export them...
... other than the fact that the Chevrolet N300 Max (a Wuling from China) also appears listed (link) on the site. If you know the answer, please write a comment.

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