4 jun. 2016

Autoline discussion: Fiat-Chrysler's future - Autoline After Hours 334

Interesting discussion on Autoline After Hours, about the future of FCA. They argue the company needs a partner, as the it lacks the resources necessary to develop autonomy, hybrid and other technologies.

Conversation on FCA starts at about 12 minutes on.

They also talk about April sales, Tesla, Uber and other topics.

Is not like if FCA would collapse in 5 years if it continues to stand alone, this Autoline panel says, but they would need to merge with some other car company in order to have long-term viability.

I still find it hard to believe that FCA is so much in need of a partner. I feel like despite how often Autoline is the best in taking a more global approach to the car business, this conversation still seems a bit to US-centered to me. 

They talk a lot about the lack of cars in the Chrysler and Dodge lineups, after the cancellation of the Dart and 200. And indeed, their future looks uncertain with aging products other than the Pacifica.

But how difficult would it really be for FCA to fill those spots with stop-gap Fiat models until they can invest for brand new replacements? Or to source them from other companies (Peugeot? Some Chinese maker?). 

The big Chrysler and Dodge can be restyled again, the same with the Durango. Or replace those big RWD cars with new ones on an extended use of the Giulia platform.
Wouldn't the Fiat Tipo make a nice new Dodge Dart? Or Chrysler 300. Or both. It's made in Turkey, so I imagine margins are bigger than if it was made in Italy.
Foudn at this cool website, automobiledimension.com

Dodge Dart dimensions are close.
Length: 4671 mm.
Width: 1828.8 mm.
Height: 1465.58 mm.

Another interesting fact, is that the panel says the Agnelli family would like to sell their control on Fiat to somebody else.
Salón del Automóvil 2012 - Dodge

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