5 jun. 2016

"Auto Rodeo" - Soviet film starring Lada (1980)

This is a cute silly short movie by Mosfilm, about Auto Rodeo, a team of stunt drivers from the Lada factory in Togliatti. They are shown at the start of the film, practicing, but they quickly have to go on the chase of a group of bad guys driving a cool VAZ-2106 convertible custom.

According to the uploader: "Art community "Olimpiada 80" at the beginning of the video suggests that this was made for the Moscow 1980 olympics". Indeed that is what I thought. More screen grabs further below.

By the way, no need to understand Russian to enjoy the chase, of course!

This custom Lada 2106 is intriguing, not only the roof was cut away but the taillights are special (they look like regular Lada units, just doubled... still cool result!). 

I wonder that happened with the car after the film was done.
By the way, Auto Rodeo as a stunt show might still be a thing (link).

I'm also intrigued by a scene with a guy wearing a Polmo FSO hat, the makers of the Fiat 125p in Poland. Is he supposed to be Polish? Is there a joke there?

I tried to Google Translate the sign using the Cyrilic alphabet on my iPhone (страхуите свою жизнь (?)). I think it is something about life insurance, "insure your life" or something like that.

"творческое обьединение Олимпиада 80", "Creative Association Olimpiada 80" according to Google Translate.

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