28 jun. 2016

Another terrorist attack in Turkey | The Young Turks

Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks summarizes how little is known so far from the suicide bomb attacks at the Ataturk Airport in Istambul.

You can even see one of the attackers exploding his charge! Extremely graphic, of course. At least we can enjoy seeing on of those motherfuckers blowing up...

And some thoughts about what Uygur says, yes, of course it's radical Islam, is fanaticism what does this. And sure, more senseless, indiscriminate bombing would only be unfair and counterproductive. But he makes it sound like attacking the religion is the same as saying all Muslim are guilty, and that is not true. Of course most Muslims are innocent, but doesn't mean the religion itself is, as most others, idiotic; and can be easily used to justify violence, because its very sacred texts are themselves filled with violent and murderous examples.

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